Ash Geden

I started fishing when i was around 10 year’s old, I was shown the basics by a couple of mates and i still remember our fun trips down my local River Thames on our push bikes with a rod and a net strapped to the frame and a bag on our back with a bit of end tackle and a tub of worm’s or maggot’s, thats what you call travelling light! I will always regret not having a camera with me back in them days though, as we use to catch some truely monster Perch and a 3lber was a common catch in the early morning whilst float fishing worm in the edge.

We use to fish for anything we could back then, it was all so new and exciting and thats how it stayed for a couple of year’s until i joined a local angling club and started match fishing. The guy’s would always help me out with lift’s here, there and everywhere to matches and would sort me out with a bit of old tackle and took the time to show me in detail more advanced knots and float and feeder setup’s. It was whilst fishing these matches that i caught my first Carp on a float, it was a Common of 8lb 8oz, thats when i got bitten by the carp bug, they use to pull so hard on the light gear and i just wanted to catch bigger and bigger Carp from then on.

A couple more year’s passed, in that time i fished around local ponds with mates with a Carp rod out each with a bit of luncheon meat or a pellet on the end whilst we sat there with a float rod in hand catching whatever else came along. I was 14 years old when i first went night fishing purely for carp with a 2-rod set up for a couple of nights at a small lake in Devon, i remember the lake was stuffed with Carp and i caught 6 including my first 20lber, that was also the first time i managed to stick a barbed baiting needle in my thumb whilst trying to pierce a rock hard glugged popup, so a great fishing trip ended with a trip to A&E and a 3 hour wait.

I have since learnt how to floss a popup! I then joined a small club water close to home with a good head of 20lber’s in and my Carp fishing really started to grab hold of me as i went out and did my own thing there, i was so hooked on it that when i was due to leave school at 16 i really didn’t want to go out and work which would mean sacrificing alot of my time on the bank, i then stumbled across a great oppertunity to be had whilst searching the internet for all things fish related, this was a chance to take my passion and life obsession of fishing by actually learning the in’s and out’s of everything related to fish at Sparsholt College in Hampshire. I studied Sport Fishery Management and Fish Husbandry there for 3 years, learning from some of the best guy’s in the business and also from some very good anglers and mates from all over the country that i met in my time there and along the way, this is what took my Carp fishing to another level and when i look back at my time spent there, i can honestly say it was the best thing i have ever done in my life and it makes me wonder where i would actually be right now with my angling without that.

Since then i have been purely Carp raving mad and i am always out looking for somewhere new and exciting, hidden, unknown, well known, bassicaly if there’s big old English Carp swimming around, then im there! I like to keep myself to myself with my Carp fishing now day’s, i don’t mean i am publicity shy, I just like fishing places that are quiet and out the way, the busy day tickets and circuit waters don’t give me the buzz i crave, even though one day i know you will see me on the banks of such lakes as finding my quiet place of dreams is getting harder as the years go on with more people at it in the Carp fishing boom but for now i have more than enough to go for and loving every moment of my angling.