After having my first Yateley carp a couple of weeks ago I was back out to catch a bigger, darker common.
After seeing fish in a margin I decided to bait up the area ready for my next session.

I finished work as fast as I could on Saturday so I could go out and fish. Feeling excited I did a couple of laps around the lake but finding the fish proved a little difficult as they don’t tend to show themselves much.

I decided to go with what I’d seen on previous sessions and where I’d pre baited.

With a Nutcracker white pop up on one spot and a washed out yellow pop up on the other rod that was cast to the pads I felt confident.

Just after 10pm my right hand rod tore off but after seconds after hooking it I lost the fish. Feeling upset and deflated I put the rod back out on the spot with some more bait scattered around it.

I didn’t get much sleep as I was watching the night sky and the meteor shower which was epic.

6am came and I woke to my left hand rod singing! Once again I failed to land the fish as the fish found a way to snap me up in the pads.

Feeling even more gutted I prayed for another catch to land a fish. As evening came myself and Ben said we’d start the dreaded pack down in half an hour.

“Ben…” I said. “Why don’t you make a coffee, it will bring us a fish as our minds will be distracted on making a coffee.”
I kid you not as soon as I said that my right hand rod ripped off!


Pressure was on to get this fish in the net. I wasn’t losing it. It took me down the lake nearly wiping 3 lines out that Ben had frantically brought in. It headed straight for a snaggy margin but with the rod tip low and some pressure I managed to free the fish out. Seeing it I said to Ben please get ready to net it. As I said this Ben had already got his waders on and was in the water.

One scoop and the darkest common I’ve ever caught went straight in my net and a PB common at that!