This weekend’s session on the mighty monks pit …. Arriving mid day on the Friday and the wind was battering into the shallow end of the lake and not due to change so opted for the plateau swim. A nice bit of close in fishing to the bar and plateau with a maximum cast if around 56yrds and if I had to go out in the boat then it wouldn’t be a struggle getting to the fish.

All set up and rods out house sorted it was time to sit back and wait for the fish

An hour went past and the right hand rod bobbin whacked up to the rod and stayed there but hit nothing. Maybe a liner but you never know so back out on the spot the rod went.

Around 6.30 the left hand rod was away and this time it was fish on. Straight into the boat this was an easy boat capture considering the wind and a nice 28lb mirror was smiling for the camera.

After sorting the rod back out on the spot it was time to go Facebook live for that chance of getting one on live for the viewers and just before I was going to turn it off the middle rod was away. My first live caught fish. Not a big one by monks standards but very welcome at 14.14lb common.

The night went by without a bleep and around 10am the fish started to show and the left rod slammed up and went slack. As I would down to catch the fish up as it was swimming towards me I felt the fish and it come off.

Later in the day the same rod was off again and another small angry common of 18.06lb was sulking in the net . Happy days another one bites the dust so back out with that rod but no more action till Sunday it was to be .

Woke up to lovely sun shine . A light breeze blowing straight into the swim. Perfect for the plateau I was fishing. The rods had been out all night but I felt confident not to move or rebait them.

Around 12.30 lunch time the right rod was off and what an incredible fight. Weeding me up twice then as I see it come up it dived back down and burried it’s self in the silt and silk weed . I couldn’t even see the fish due to it being covered in silt and weed but as I Sat in the boat pulling the weed off I saw how wide the back was. Amazingly wide. And deep belly.

I give it the shout and rowed back to the swim . As I did my old mate Russ Mearsy Mears was coming through the gate with his wife Jo and the dog as they had been to a dog show round the corner so had a bit of help weighing and stuff.

Looking at it it looked a good 30 and as one of the other members came round he identified it as one of the A team called the DEMON and at 40lb on the nose I was buzzing…..

After returning it to its watery home it was time to pack down. The part I hate as I never want to leave the lake and especially with conditions for that swim so good and not long after the middle rod lit up and the alarm burst into life.

22.04lb of stunning mirror. A fish I caught in October last year on my birthday so I nicknamed it the birthday fish for my own reasons …. Photos done and the fish returned it was pack up time and hit the road for the journey home.

5 fish in total with 2 losses A great session was had again and I think that fish puts me back in top position in the APL I’m fishing in this year.

All fish coming to the mighty nutcracker bottom baits and This weeks sesh in order –
28lb mirror
14.14lb common
18.06 common
40lb mirror (demon ) A team
22.04lb mirror

All fish on the ever faithful urban nutcracker, either wafters or straight bottom baits With castaway foam nuggets helping to present the rig…. Until next time ….

Be lucky #castaway #carpcouture #urbanbait #rhino