After finishing the week of night work I arrived at the syndicate early on the Friday morning. With only a few members on I had a good pick of the swims and opted to fish the plateau swim. With a bar running out from the corner of the lake dropping off and a plateau at the end it gave me chance to fish the bar the plateau or deeper water around them. Seeing a few fish show I chose to place my baits along the bar and wasn’t long before I had a take on the middle rod only to lose it deep in the kelp weed that’s in the lake. Recast and rebaited I didn’t have another run till the Saturday lunch time when I see a fish go down on the rigjt hand rod spot and 5 minutes after the rod was away. This time with a good hook hold I netted the fish and saw it was one of the known fish that I’ve had before. Not a big fish for monks pit but a right character. 23.06lb of beauty The floppy tail little fully ..


My 3rd take came a couple of hours later on the middle rod and led me a right merry dance taking out the right hand rod weeding me up twice and eventually throwing the hook after about a 20 minute battle In the boat. So my tally for the session was 3 bites and only 1 landed….