I was kindly invited by Darren Hilton to lake Chateau Moulin in the south of France a month or so ago. I just couldn’t refuse the invite after looking at how stunning the venue is, and of course the carp. With it being my first time fishing in France I was buzzing to say the least! Wayne and I set of Thursday evening on the long old trek down to Limoges. Friday afternoon saw us arrive at the lake, full of sweets and energy drinks, in absolute awe of the stunning surroundings. A quick beer with the lovely owners and then onto the important stuff, a walk around the 40+ acre lake. Every swim we stepped into attracted us, which made it very hard to make any decisions on some swim choices for the draw. We didn’t start the draw until Saturday lunch time so we slept in an empty swim for the night watching the lake, it was apparent that plenty of fish were holding up in the huge amount of pads in the middle of the lake, as all through the night I could hear plenty of big fish crashing. The draw came around quick and Wayne and I was choosing as a team. Wayne dunked his hand in the bag. Number 1! We couldn’t believe it. We was now stuck between 4 swims and decided on two swims in the centre of the lake, where we’d seen fish all through the night. The next hour passed quickly while getting taken to our swims in the boat. To cut a long story short we spent the next 5 nights in these swims. Wayne lost two and had a big grass carp that evaded the camera. And I lost a couple and had a few bream. The other pegs came available on the Thursday so we moved into them in the hope of catching a couple between us. 40 minutes in and I was away on the right hand rod. After a brutal battle around the Lilly pads, a 20lb mirror went in the net. I was absolutely made up and all I could think about was getting the next bite, so on I went having 4 fish in total. Probably the smallest fish in the lake but so rewarding after what was looking like a blank. The final night came and Wayne was struggling for a fish by this point. I left my right hand rod out and set him up on a spot in front of me. The final morning I awoke to him having 2 fish to 28lb. We learnt loads this week and can’t thank darren enough for the invite.