Well it was that time again, monks pit was calling me so off i went to start my 5day session. I arrived at the lake around 5.30am and took an hour or so to walk round the lake in search of activity. I set up in a swim called the plateau, i spent the next couple of hours finding spots in-between the weed beds and kelp. Once i was happy i began making the old faithfull ronnie rig and hinge stiff then got the rods out, then it was time to relax and catch up on my sleep as id drove through the early hours. Well im happy to say that sleep didnt last long as my left rod ripped off and i was up and at that rod like a mad man, the fish was pulling like a train stripping line from my reel taking me from weed bed to weed bed, after i gained control of the fish i put on the presure and finally slipped it over the cord and i was very pleased to see it was one of the ATEAM members a mirror known as gabrielle at 35lb 6oz, while she was sulking in the net i quickly got the rod back on the spot and proceed with getting her weighed and pics then slipped her back, the next 2 nights went without a bleep on my 4th night i had a screamer this fish was a big girl taking me straight to the kelp, i was straight in the boat but unfortunately i lost it at the net due to hook pull. I was on my last morning of the session and as i was packing up my left rod was off again this time landing a lovely dark 27lb 8oz mirror so i left the lake a happy man, but that lost fish got the better of my so i was bk down the lake 5days later for another go at these monks pit beauties. Setting up in a swim called the underpass as id seen a few shows at first light infront of that swim, id fished this swim quite a few times so knew my spots so the rods were straight out no messing about. This time i was doing a 48hr and was fishing slow all round the lake, the first 30 hours were to go by without any activity at all but i sat on my hands sticking to my spots and trickling the bait in and at 5.20am on my last morning was rewarded with a 29lb 8oz mirror and that was the only fish of the session, i left ther a happy angler. Its been a week since that session ended and im back for another go at the weekend. Tight lines and hope your enjoying your angling as much as i am. #teamcarpcouture