Alarm was set for 3am Saturday morning which could only mean one thing…thats right i was off fishing for 48hours on my syndicate, monks pit Cambridgeshire. I arrived at the lake around 5.30am which is when the fish tend to show them selfs on this lake…i had a good walk round and most of the hot pegs were occupied, so i noticed fish showing in the deeper part of the lake and sat in a swim named underpass, i must have sat there maybe 2hours and seen over a dozen shows, my mind was made up and i took the walk back to the car park to load up, after setting up camp and preparing my boilie mix, i had a lead about for gravel spots between weed beds i knew of one decent spot at 22wraps from fishing that swim once before so i wrapped it up and chucked a lead out just to double check all was as previous and sure enough there it was only alot bigger than when i last fished that spot, so i decided to put all 3 rods in a line at a few feet apart and spombed my mix over the top,


As the day went by i had no occurrences and decides to have a cup of tea and went to sleep. At 2am the middle rods screams off with a viscous take which resulted in my first fish of the the session a 18.7 mirror. Alarm set for 5am as always on monks the shows start early like many lakes and i was seeing the odd fish show here and there all over the lake really, its fantastic to watch at first light with a coffee, anyway i stuck to my spots id been fishing the previous night but decided to move my right rod around 2pm that day as id noticed few fish moving to the right of my swim not far out


I quickly found a gravel spot in between 2 weed beds about 3ft by 4ft, this time i used my boat to get my bait out because id seen fish activity there i didn’t want to start chucking spomb over the area to spook them so i chose to use my boat, any way the rig wasn’t in the water more than half hour and it rips off…and after a good 15minutes fight taking me into 2 weed beds i finally slipped her over the cord of my net a lovely mirror at 30.8, i left her sulking in the net while i quickly put rig back on the spot, the rest of the day and night went by with no more activity. I woke up on my final morning and started to slowly pack down when i noticed my right rod tip nudging a little, i quickly got to my rods let some line off but nothing so tight back the line back up thinking the reeds must have caught me line in wind, but just as i went to carry on with packing up off it went this time resulting in one of the A team members a fish called the small mouthed common at 27.6 and new common pb. All in all a fantastic session and planning my next session in couple of weeks.