So Friday evening saw me finishing work for 6pm. With a spare 24 hours I made the most if it and set of to my local syndicate. A short drive later and I was there. After a quick lap of the lake, I decided to fish in the centre of the lake. I fished to the bottom of the far marginal shelf, I put 3 rods over a heavy baited spot. By this time I was just loosing the light so I settled down for the night. Little did I know what was about to happen

Four hours after, I was woken to my first take turning out to be a low double. I put the rod back out and 25 minutes after I was woken to a take in the left hand rod, whilst playing the fish my other two rods were away I quickly landed the first fish ,then the second however I unfortunately lost the third. This action then continued for the rest of the night also having another double take I didn’t get much sleep and by 6 am I had 12 bites landing 10 fish all around mid doubles. then as I was just getting back of to sleep the right hand rod was away after a short hard fight Ianded the biggest of my trip a nice 22lb common known as the scar common.

It then went quite and there wasn’t much action in the area. Then I saw a fish roll close in to my left ,so I put a rod on the show with a small handful of bait. 40 minutes later and the rod was away. That was the last fish I had and the smallest. I ended my session of carnage with 12 fish landed out of 14 bites and a record for most fish caught in 24 hours on the lake. This is the biggest of my session. The scar common