On friday the 22nd of September myself and fellow team carp couture member Scott Wilkinson decided to fish a southern day ticket in Oxford. We finished work at 12pm on the Friday and with the car packed we headed of on the 2 hour drive. When we arrived at the complex it was by no surprise that the venue was packed after a quick walk around we found a peg in the top 3rd of the lake with open water in front of us. We went about setting up and finding some spots, after leading around we found a nice thin patch of silt just of the b├áck of a large gravel area. I began by putting 10kg of pellet over the area mixed with a few tigers and sweet corn. We positioned all 4 rods in this area all fishing about 2ft apart. The first 24 hours past and Scott managed to bag a nice 22lb6oz mirror at 3am we got some great shots using the night shotz by carp couture. we were both surprised that we had picked one up as most if the fish seemed to be down past island to our left. The rest of the night past quietly. The next morning arrived and with o more action we put out another 5kilo of bait on the tight baited area. The rest if the day past quietly, how ever we did see some fish showing in the afternoon getting closer to us moving up from left to right. After a nice bit of food and a couple of beers. We got our heads down, no longer than 20 minutes and Scott was away on the rod on the left ha d side of the spot. This time it was a common weighing in at 16lb10oz. After some quick shots we re positioned the rod and tried to get some more sleep after nodding back off around 2 hours later Scott’s left hand rod was away again after a quick battle he landed a nice 14lb slate grey mirror I knew it wouldn’t be long un till I was away with the fish moving up from the left Scott was always going to get bites quicker. Scott put the rod back out and within 1minute the same rod was away this time it unfortunately got cut of. By this time it was just getting light and out if the blue my left hand rod was away. After a quick but powerful battle I landed a lovely looking 21lb 12oz mirror after a few shots I slipped her back and got the rod back on the spot. It had just got light and Scott was away again but unfortunately for the second time he was cut of again. Around 40 minutes and 2 cups if tea after my right hand rod this time was away and I landed a lovely dark 15lb8oz common. We were buzzing our plan had worked and were hoping we would get another chance before the sun come out and the fish moved of back down the lake in the sun. Another chance we certainly got it was about 9am and Scott was away again on his right rod this time and straight away we k we it was something a little but bigger after a long hard fight I slipped the net under a 31lb6oz mirror and also a UK pb mirror for Scott, I was toataly mate up for Scott we had no more bites after that fish but we came away more than happy with 6 fish landed out if 8 bites and only 2 other fish out on the whole lake that was full.