This year sees me return to a water I first fished back in 2016, but unfortunately due to planning my wedding with my lovely wife I didn’t get the chance to put any time in on the 70 acre midlands pit. I however did manage to land a few fish. I had seven fish in total over six 24hour sessions and was told that this was quite good for this water. I had 1 of the scalys at 23lb and the rest were mid to low double stockies.

When I first got my ticket back in 2016 I met the owner down the pit and instantly fell in love with the place, and after seeing some photos of the scaly dark carp that resided in the windswept pit, I couldn’t wait to get started on there. I was going up the pit as regular as possible baiting areas and watching to see their habits. I got my ticket in the January but didn’t get to fish until the March. I didn’t get back down the pit until April and that’s when I had my first fish in the shape of a lovely scaled mirror at 23lb. over my next four sessions I manged another 6 bites but unfortunately seemed to be only catching the stockies.

It was now the end of June and my wedding planning had taken over and my wedding was only two months away. I never managed to get back down the pit after my wedding due to being busy at work and home. My ticket soon ran out but I as the months passed and fishing mainly day tickets through 2017 and my first trip overseas to France catching my pb of 79lb3oz, I couldn’t help but think about trying to get another ticket for the big pit. It wasn’t until a few weeks back that I was talking to my friend about the pit. I pulled up some pictures of the absolutely stunning commons and dark mirrors that are in the pit and as I looked at them I got that same buzzing feeling that I did on that day I first got my ticket.

After looking at more pictures of the fish I decided I had unfinished business at the pit and contacted the owner to see if he had any tickets available. He contacted me back straight back and told me he can sort me a ticket out. I’m buzzing to get my ticket as I write this blog on the 21st March I get my ticket tomorrow. After a trip down to see Darren to give my helping hand at the Carp Couture Fishery this weekend, on my return I will be back walking the pit and baiting spots ready to start fishing it in April.